Cider Club

ūüö®UPDATE: CIDER CLUB IS NOW FULL. We have reached our membership limit but will consider offering more member slots during our next release!

Club Details // Please Read!

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ūüö®UPDATE: CIDER CLUB IS NOW FULL. We have reached our membership limit¬†but will consider offering more member slots during our next release!


What's in every Cider Club release?

1 case of the following:

  • 1¬†6-pack of the¬†new¬†release: cider club members will get first taste access to these special drops!
  • 3¬†Additional 6-packs: depending on inventory, you will either get a pre-selected bundle of our fan-favorites OR will have the option¬†to choose from¬†a small selection of¬†our most exciting offerings (members may be able to get more than 1 specialty release depending on production and allocation amount- will vary per release)
  • 1 Small Limited Edition Merchandise Item
  • 25% off promo-code for future cider¬†orders¬†(outside of cider club releases)
  • & More!

**Depending on the release, customers may be able to purchase more product in addition to the case above (same flat rate shipping rate will apply to the additional package)


Starts at $60 + tax (shipping included) per release ; about every 3 months

**Pricing will depend on release. Several factors include specialty release pricing, pre-selected package, or whether there's a customization option for quantity and cider combination. Customer will have the option to opt-out of release prior to fulfillments. 

Cider Club Commitment:

Cider Club Members are signing up for a subscription and are committed to an automated reoccurring quarterly payment.  Members will receive an email about release at least 1 week prior to billing that release and will have a chance to cancel their Cider Club membership at any time. To avoid billing on release, please make sure to request skipping shipment or cancelling club membership 7 days before dispatch.

Flat Rate Shipping & Bonus Discount:

  • Flat Rate Shipping: we're providing a major hookup for our¬†Cider¬†Club members and¬†keep shipping rates down no matter where you reside in the US. Flat Rate shipping will apply per package. Therefore customers who add to their case minimum will have to pay for additional shipping. Please note that flat rate is subject to change on a future release as a result of¬†increased shipping rates by carrier. Members will be notified about any future changes in advance of release fulfillments.¬†
  • Bonus Discount: customers will¬†receive¬†a BONUS 25% off cider promo-code that¬†can be redeemed on future orders outside of Cider Club Releases. The promo code¬†can be used on an unlimited basis and will¬†not expire unless the member drops their membership. Please note that flat rate shipping will not apply to these orders.

Release Calendar: 

Members should expect a minimum of 4 releases throughout the year (about every 3 months).  However, our cider makers are always experimenting and developing new flavors that can make a surprise drop. Depending on the release, Cider Club members will still have an in-cider, first taste access to these ciders!

Limited Membership & Signup:

  • A LIMITED¬†# of Cider Club slots are available right now as we launch the club!
  • Cider Club Sign-up: The sign up window is currently closed¬†but we will consider adding more memberships upon the next release. For now, you can¬†sign up for our waitlist!¬†
  • Fans can join throughout the year if there are open cider club membership slots but signups¬†within 7 days of current release will roll over to the next quarterly release. Club signup will close during current release¬†timelines¬†and will open back up shortly following release dispatch

Release Timeline:

  • ~10-14 days before we ship:¬†¬†You will receive an email about the featured new release¬†with release details and timeline information. In some cases there may be a customization or swap option- in this situation, you¬†will have a default cider selection¬†and no changes made during customization period will result in shipment of the pre-selected box.¬†
  • ~7 days before we ship:¬†Last¬†day to request skipping shipment & final day for customization
  • 1 day before we start shipments:¬†Payment is processed¬†
  • Shipping day!¬†Please allow for 5-7 business days for your package to arrive.

Membership & Payments:

Memberships are automatically renewed for the next release cycle and payments will be processed 1 day before we ship the next Cider Club release. Members will receive an email before each shipment and will have the option to skip a month or cancel membership at any time. Please notify us at if you want to skip or cancel membership.

Skip a Shipment AND Cider Club Cancellation Policy:

Skipping a shipment: please notify us at 4 days in advance of shipping date (date will be indicated on the club release updates). If you miss this deadline, you will be shipped the pre-selected order & will be charged automatically.

Cider Club Cancellation: Please notify us at 7-days before upcoming shipments to avoid upcoming release and cancel membership. We don't have any time commitments so you may cancel at any point. However, cancellation requests within 7 days of current release will be put into effect during the next release cycle. 

Shipping Only:

We're currently offering shipping options only and aren't doing local pick ups

Where do we ship?


Additional Cider Shipping Details:

  • Must be 21+ to order
  • All orders ship UPS and require an adult (21+) signature upon arrival
  • If you are not home to receive order, the package may be returned to us. Refunds cannot be issued for items that are not deliverable.
  • Please be aware that shipments to UPS Access Point pick up locations may lead to holding limits or fees. Please contact your local UPS access point pick up location to learn about their shipment policies
  • If you have any questions or issues with your order, please email


We're sorry that our club membership is full but You can still order cider today!