Brut Super Dry Cider

100 Calories 100% Delicious

Brut Super Dry Cider is a light cider with the refreshing sensory experience of a dry champagne and only 100 calories.



Flavor: Dry, tart apple, champagne with citrus notes

Aroma: Crisp apple with orange peel

Food Pairings: Manchego cheese, smoked salmon, crepes with fruit, and orange juice for a light mimosa

4.2% ABV
Available on draft
Bone Dry

The Perfect Cooldown

Mix it Up

The Bitter Brut

By Ryan Ehrlichman Bartender Midnight Cowboy

The Bitter Brut
The Bitter Brut


2oz Austin Eastciders Brut Super Dry Cider
0.75oz Suntory Toki Whisky
0.75oz Bols Genever Gin
0.5oz St. Germain
0.5oz Lemon Juice
0.25oz Simple Syrup
3 Drops Vanilla Extract
1 Dash Bittermens Herbal Honey Bitters


    Mix all ingredients (other than cider) in shaker glass
    Shake with ice and pour into Collins Glass
    Top with cider and dehydrated apple and flamed thyme garnish

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