Service Industry Support During Covid-19

Austin Eastciders Cares Supports Unemployed Service Industry Workers

Austin Eastciders partnered with local organizations in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, and New York City to donate almost 10,000 cans of cider to serve more than 5,000 unemployed Service Industry Workers affected by COVID-19.

Organization Name Organization Description Cases of Cider Donated

# of Industry Workers Served 

Austin Eastciders Collaboratory Industry Appreciation For 2 weeks, Austin Eastciders donated a 6-pack to over 800 unemployed service industry workers 20 Cases

800 Served

Hundreds for Hospitality In partnership with A Taste of Koko, Austin Eastciders is donating drinks to 100 meals being given out daily to the unemployed service industry 65 Cases

1300 Served

Culinaria’s Hospitality House Austin Eastciders donated cider to Culinaria’s Open Hospitality House, giving complimentary lunches and dinners to service industry affected by Covid-19 63 Cases

1500+ Served

Rethink Food Austin Eastciders donated cans to Rethink Food in NYC in an effort to distribute meals to the unemployed service industry 14 Cases

350 Served

Furlough Kitchen Furlough Kitchen in Dallas is providing complimentary lunches and dinners daily to unemployed service industry workers 20 Cases

 480 Served