Rico Tepache

Bien Frio!

Rico Tepache combines classic flavors of pineapple, brown sugar, cinnamon, and bubbles. A homage to the traditional Nahuatl-era Mexican beverage, our Rico Tepache is juicy and pineapple-forward with a Texas-strong twist coming in at 6.8% ABV. 


Artist: Raul Urias

Flavor: Pineapple, brown sugar, cinnamon, bubbles

Aroma: Sweet pineapple, cinnamon spice

Food Pairings: Menudo, ceviche, savory empanadas, fresh-cut fruit dressed with Chamoy & Tajin


Pineapple & Cinnamon - Indonesia

Ginger - California


At Austin Eastciders, we use real fruit in our beverages. This means there might be some pulp inside. Please gently swirl before enjoying the goodness. Cheers!

Available in 6 packs and 19.2oz singles
Available on Draft
Bone Dry

Rico Tepache

Tepache has a rich history as a street beverage and homemade treat in Mexico. Traditionally, pineapple rinds and spices are fermented together to a pleasantly low ABV. Austin Eastciders Rico Tepache takes that up to a boozy, yet tasty, 6.8%.
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The can and packaging were designed by renowned artist and illustrator Raúl Urias. The name "Rico Tepache" also has Raúl's touch.

Pineapple. Brown Sugar. Cinnamon. Bubbles.

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