Co-Packing & Co-Manufacturing

Are you interested in partnering with Austin Eastciders to co-pack or co-manufacture your beverage product?

Services We Offer:

  • Tanker Unloading
  • Fermentation
  • Wine Base Fermentations
  • Sugar Brew Base Fermentation
  • Proprietary Sugar Brew Base Available
  • Packaging
  • 12oz, 19.2oz Can Production
  • Capable of 12.7oz and 16oz Can Production w/ Minimal Investment
  • Final Packaging – 12pk, 6pk, and 4pk Cartons
  • 4pk or 6pk Paktech
  • Kegs – 1/6 BBL and ½ BBL
  • Shipping/Receiving

Equipment We Use:

  • CFT 24 Valve Filler
  • Pro Engineering Tunnel Pasteurizer
  • Paktech CCA-440 Plus Applicator
  • Switchback Brewpack 200 Case Packer
  • Lambrecht Keg Racker
  • Carousel Wrapper
  • 23, 7,000-gallon Fermentation Vessels
  • Winetech Crossflow Filter


Why work with Austin Eastciders?

  • Dual-permitted Winery and Brewery
  • 1.2mm Case Equivalent capacity
  • Experienced Co-Manufacturer with multiple brand partners
  • Experienced Operational Staff – Quality Assurance, Research & Development, Beverage Alcohol Compliance, Logistics, Production

Our Experienced Team:

  • Master Cidermaker & Operations Manager, Erika Guin  3 years of experience at Austin Eastciders in quality systems management and new product development, including ingredient sourcing, formulation, and regulatory compliance.
  • Packaging Manager, Stewart Fannin – 6 years of experience in packing and training processes
  • Fermentation Manager, Jacob DeLeon – 8 years of experience at Austin Eastciders in production and fermentation management
  • Director of Operations, Jon Edwards – 3 1/2 years of experience at Austin Eastciders and 15+ years of experience in operational leadership
  • Cidery Engineer, Bryce Moore – 8 years of experience in beverage industry machinery and process controls
  • Warehouse Manager, Zachary Collins – 15+ years of experience in shipping, receiving, forklift training, and general warehouse organization


Please email for additional information.